Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to create unique look for your job board

In this post I will try to explain idea how every user of JobBoardsPro can create unique look for his/her job board.
Answer is: by using application building blocks
Application building blocks are basic elements of every job board. Application building blocks are elements like search form, featured jobs, featured categories, login for job seekers or employers, newsletter subscription, news ...
That means that for every page on front-end you can make combination's with this basic elements and make a unique look for job board. Some examples of different looks for front end you can see on pictures below:
example front-end 1
example front-end 2
example front-end 3
In combination's with some changes in css (color, font size ...) design for front-end can be changed in 5 minutes.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do World need another job board software?

Lately we can read headlines like this one:
"As the recession has transformed into recovery, investors have turned their spotlight from the banking sector to the job market."

The monthly payrolls report form the Labor Department has taken on a grave significance because of the theory that the economy can only grow if people spend, and they will only spend if they can find work.

This is good news for all job seekers and job market in general.