Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Job board review on

Our job board has a review on well known site in this industry
You can read it on this link

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Static vs. Dynamic design for you Job Board

In some of previous blog entries we was talking how to create unique look for you job board
There you was reading about job board building blocks, how to create different look for your site. Now we also create 'static' design.
What that means, it means that in job board admin panel you can select if you want that your design is generated dynamic or you want to create some static design.
Lets see what is advantages for every approach.
With dynamic design you can easily change positions for different elements on job board, you can also select frames for those elements, different size ...
But you can't add any custom functionality that is not previously defined by maker of job board software
With static design you can make or we can help to make a front end design 'from scratch', with elements, colors, sizes, positions you prefer.
At the end it's important to notice that you have ability to choose and to make different experiments until you make job board that will fits your needs.
You can make same test, with static and dynamic design on our demo page.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let job board make you some money - Part 2

In previous post we tried to explain how you can generate profit by selling services to employers. Job board can make money from banners and ads.
If you have high traffic job board then you can have higher prices for clients to place banner on your site.
At our job board software there can be 3 type of banners:
  1. header banner - max width 728px
  2. big banner - max width 468px
  3. small banner - max width 125px

You can group different banners and show them on different positions on every page. Some examples you can see at our product site.
At those banners you can put some pictures that your clients provide to you with link to their site or you can put Google AdSense.
It's good to know that there is all different ways for your job board to make you some profit, fell free to try our demo and find how is easy to create and manage all this.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let job board make you some money - Part 1

One of the main reasons for you to manage job board is to make some money - wright?
With Job boards pro you can make money in different ways. In this text I will try to explain one and in the future post you can read the rest of the story.
By using Job boards pro you can generate profit by selling:
* Job posts
* Resumes search
* Featured employers
* Featured jobs
* Banners and ads on your site
All this, except banners and ads you are selling to employers. If they want to post a job, make it featured or make their company featured, or if they want to use your job board for requirement by searching resume database they need to pay you as much as you set in job board settings.
First you need to crate "Pricing plans" - here you configure action, action length and price. For example resume search, amount 5 times, price is $15 or Featured employer for 2 weeks price $99 ...
After that if your client want his company to have featured status for 2 weeks he must pay you $99.
You can receive money in 2 ways, by credit card processing or by check. Those settings you make in Admin section->Settings->Payments.
If you choose that client will send you check then transaction will wait for your approval, when you receive check you will set employer status to featured, and if client make payments with his credit card his status will be changed when payment processor approves his transaction.
You can try all this in our demo
We have created test account at 2checkout so you can try all this features.
In future articles we will talk more about payment processing and how to generate money from banners and ads.
We hope that this article helps you to look at job board as a great opportunity to make money.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to create unique look for your job board

In this post I will try to explain idea how every user of JobBoardsPro can create unique look for his/her job board.
Answer is: by using application building blocks
Application building blocks are basic elements of every job board. Application building blocks are elements like search form, featured jobs, featured categories, login for job seekers or employers, newsletter subscription, news ...
That means that for every page on front-end you can make combination's with this basic elements and make a unique look for job board. Some examples of different looks for front end you can see on pictures below:
example front-end 1
example front-end 2
example front-end 3
In combination's with some changes in css (color, font size ...) design for front-end can be changed in 5 minutes.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do World need another job board software?

Lately we can read headlines like this one:
"As the recession has transformed into recovery, investors have turned their spotlight from the banking sector to the job market."

The monthly payrolls report form the Labor Department has taken on a grave significance because of the theory that the economy can only grow if people spend, and they will only spend if they can find work.

This is good news for all job seekers and job market in general.