Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let job board make you some money - Part 2

In previous post we tried to explain how you can generate profit by selling services to employers. Job board can make money from banners and ads.
If you have high traffic job board then you can have higher prices for clients to place banner on your site.
At our job board software there can be 3 type of banners:
  1. header banner - max width 728px
  2. big banner - max width 468px
  3. small banner - max width 125px

You can group different banners and show them on different positions on every page. Some examples you can see at our product site.
At those banners you can put some pictures that your clients provide to you with link to their site or you can put Google AdSense.
It's good to know that there is all different ways for your job board to make you some profit, fell free to try our demo and find how is easy to create and manage all this.

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