Thursday, July 8, 2010

Static vs. Dynamic design for you Job Board

In some of previous blog entries we was talking how to create unique look for you job board
There you was reading about job board building blocks, how to create different look for your site. Now we also create 'static' design.
What that means, it means that in job board admin panel you can select if you want that your design is generated dynamic or you want to create some static design.
Lets see what is advantages for every approach.
With dynamic design you can easily change positions for different elements on job board, you can also select frames for those elements, different size ...
But you can't add any custom functionality that is not previously defined by maker of job board software
With static design you can make or we can help to make a front end design 'from scratch', with elements, colors, sizes, positions you prefer.
At the end it's important to notice that you have ability to choose and to make different experiments until you make job board that will fits your needs.
You can make same test, with static and dynamic design on our demo page.

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